is all about listening to what LGBTQIA+ people might hear in your words and speaking with complete love and acceptance.


There are so many things said to and about LGBTQIA+ people, that we don't realize are hurtful. Because to us, they're said with love. But if we listen to how LGBTQIA+ people feel about these words, and what they would rather hear, we can end up speaking a more loving language.

Everything in the unlimited language learner draws from the personal experiences and feelings of LGBTQIA+ people. We genuinely want to offer our perspectives so that people can unlearn words of limited love and speak with unlimited love.

Thank you for being here with us! We're happy to share these lessons with you, and to keep coming up with new ones. So if there are any phrases that you think are loving but aren't sure about, please share them with us. We'll keep updating the site with vetted submissions, to help grow everyone's knowledge of the unlimited love language.

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